I was born in a family with on the one side communists, the other artists. This was not the best marriage. Ran away from home at age 16 in 1980 and after a while I ended up in a group with like minded individuals who were into music, art, drugs, some gender bending and squatting abandoned buildings, heating empty factory spaces with wood stoves.

In those years I did photography, painting, creating 3D collages with superglue and found objects. There was always something lying around where we lived, ready to be used in artworks.

After two of that group killed themselves, I put all my art works in my wood stove and I took an entrance exam for university since I never finished school. I passed in 1988 (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). I studied history, theatre science, some philosophy and graduate in 1994 in general literature on ‘The Hamlet Machine’ by Heiner Müller, describing how it was at the same time a postmodern and a communist text – thereby combining the chaotic, never ending encyclopedia with the epic.

During those university years, I got more and more into creative writing. I organized a well known open stage microphone (Gratis Literair Blaadje) for several years and events/interviews with known writers in a small theatre (USVA). Later I also started working as a journalist, specialising in the artist interview. This turned into a full time job at a small magazine where I was also responsible for the online edition, starting in 1997.

My work in the theatre got me in contact with a publisher of interactive literature as artworks. This inspired me to work on interactive stories, and to write some essays about possible interactive story patterns. This started a path where I got more and more into computers, trying to learn everything there is to create these stories by myself. One of my inspirations where the stylish point and click adventures by Broderbund, the publishers of ‘Myst’ and ‘Riven’, which lead me to go back to creating visual art. Small at first, screen sized, until I discovered one could now create large lambda prints with nothing but a digital file.

In 2003 I started to create a library with self shot photographs to be used for digital collages, collecting and labelling pictures of objects, sceneries, situations, clouds etc to be used in future digital collages /compositing. I had my first exhibition with my digital works in 2004. My library contains now more than 100.000 digital images taken with various cameras.

Around 2012 I got unhappy with the flat nature of the printed digital artwork, and I started experimenting with frames made with old wood, and small ornamental pieces made from papier maché clay. This lead to a quest to rediscover the old recipe for and treatment of the industrial paper maché clay as it was used in the 19th century, before plastics were discovered.

My work is influenced by both science fiction and archeology. I am inspired by human history and that which is strange and alien to us, the unimaginable. I try to create works that look like they are artifacts discovered in some forgotten crypt in a distant future. I try to play a game with the observer, by mimicking certain forms, by using the grammar of past times and making something new by introducing dissonants into my work.

I was born in 1963 in Hilversum (NL). I live and work in Berlin since 2006.

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