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Some of my ramblings. I hope they make sense to you. If not, be reassured: I mean you no harm. Just bring me to your leader.

The making of an ornamental Frame

About my Work

My art is fake, my oeuvre consists of forgeries of artworks that have never existed.

Über meine Arbeit

Meine Kunst ist eine Lüge, meine Arbeiten sind Fälschungen von Kunstwerken, die nie existiert haben.

About me, the artist

I was born in a family with on the one side communists, the other artists. This was not the best marriage. Ran away from home at age 16…

My Exhibitions / Meine Ausstellungen

Exhibitions since 2005 / Ausstellungen seit 2005

Standing outside looking in

A text about an exhibition at the tracks of what was once the main gate to all of Europe for those who traveled by train, a text about borders, about lines separating nations and about people who experiment with other kinds of borders.

Why New Saints? Why Alien Saints?

Whenever I meet punks who are begging for scraps, I tend to see them as the modern day mendicant monks, beger monks living on alms – maybe we should ask them to pray for us after we have given them some coins.

An interesting quote

For a while I was  obsessed with a story coming from the research done by J.G. Frazer (one of the of the founding fathers of the study of anthropology)…