Before 2005 I had a couple of exhibitions but I stopped doing them because I decided to only show my work online and at the same time I tried to sell it through various portals since it would be way cheaper to offer prints there. What follows is a list of those early exhibitions.

Note: this does not include visual arts stuff I did in the 80’s or the projects and events organized during the 90’s having to do with literature.

  • 2003 February 1 – March 1bigbother.walkerart.orgbig [b]Other is a text-based reality show and community / blog in Spanish and English organized by media activist Fran Ilich with 13 other participants. It will run from February 1 to March 1, 2003.
  • 2004 July 27-30Interfaces: print-emotions – Nexus: Cultural exchange projects, Bangkok – Thailand. The official site is since then taken offline (
  • 2004 November 28 – 2005 January 2Group expo Windkracht 13 – Windkracht 13 – Den Helder – official site
  • 2004 December 1 – 2005 February 1Group Expo Galerie Sint Jan/ Stichting Baksteen, Groningen – the Netherlands. Official site since then gone offline (